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Adobe Dreamweaver CC Web Design from Adobe Illustrator Mockups


Hi there. My name is Dan. And in this video series, we’re going to make this responsive portfolio website using Dream Weaver. Now we’re going to go through this course step by step learning, everything we need to know to make a website. Also, use some of the dream weaves temping tools so that we can make sitewide changes to our large website super quick and easy. We’ll also make this responsive dropdown menu here from scratch. So we’ll have to learn a little bit of JavaScript and Jake query. Now I am an Adobe certified instructor. I also get to help Adobe maker, their dream Weaver tutorials for their website. I’m also a plan Weaver speaker at the Adobe max conference in Las Vegas, and even better still, I’m inside your copy of dream Weaver right now. Go and open it, open up dream Weaver, go to help, and go to a quick tutorial.

And there I am inside the machine. This course is for beginners. You don’t have any previous knowledge of dream Weaver or web design experience. We’ll use dream Weaver’s split view so that you can use all the good visual tools as well as doing some simpler mens down here in the code as well. In this series, we’ll take this static design here that will start with from illustrator and together.

Step by step, build everything in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We’ll make our own navigation using Jquery. We’ll make adjustments to the site so that everything looks good on all the different devices. We’ll work with beautiful fonts and colors and even add Google analytics to our site. So we can get some amazing information on who visits our site. Now we’ve designed can be pretty tricky. So if you ever get lost, I’m around to help just use any of the comments on any of the pages.

Also, you get exercise files so you can play along with me in the video series. I also, uh, save something called the completed finals. At the end of every video, I savor up so that you can compare yours with mine, just in case yours get a little lost. So check out the link here for the website that we are going to build together. And I want you to get super excited about building a website, like a professional CN class, wow, finger guns, and a wink it, going to build a website or sell me a used car over that.

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Original Course: Adobe Dreamweaver CC Web Design from Adobe Illustrator Mockups

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