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Adobe Photoshop CC Bootcamp


Hi, my name is Derek Mitchell, and I love getting to use Photoshop almost every single day for my career as a graphic designer and a creative director. I’ve been using Photoshop for over 20 years. I’ve created this Photoshop Bootcamp course to quickly show you some of my favorite tips and tricks and some of the fun, best projects that I have to show you. So we’re going to dive in with projects like how to create apparel design, and then how to mock it up. So it looks natural to present to a client. We’re going to talk about how to create composite images, which is one of my favorite things to do in Photoshop. That’s where you take multiple different images that maybe don’t belong together at all, cut them out and bring them together and merge them in a way that looks realistic. So we’re going to talk about how to do that.

Some of the tools you’ll need to make that successful. We’re going to talk about how to do packaging design and how to mock up packages like a coffee bag and make it look natural. So if you’ve got a company or a brand or a client that wants you to take their logo and make it look authentic on a project or on a, on a package design, I’m going to show you how to do that as well. We have a bunch of different projects we’re going to go through. If you look at the outline below, you’ll be able to see what we’re going to do. I’m also going to show you some of the different tools along the way that are just good to know that maybe don’t fit right into a specific project. Still, that way, by the end of this Bootcamp, you’re going to have a well-rounded understanding of everything you need to know about Photoshop to be successful with it.

So if you’re somebody who’s always wanted to learn Photoshop, but never really, uh, the right instructor for you or the right YouTube video to get you up to speed, I’ve created this course. That’s more focused on creating, uh, strategic projects that will really help you learn the program and learn it quickly without being overwhelmed by all of the options that are available. So if you’ve ever tried to log into Photoshop, I’m sure you’ve seen hundreds of tools, hundreds of windows. It feels like, and no idea where to. So the way this course is structured is for the absolute beginner to just dive in and create real projects that are fun and also valuable. If you ever want to turn this into a career, you’re going to learn tips and tricks that will help you create real projects that clients could actually pay you for. And that will make you more marketable to the marketplace and help you find that job that you’re after.

So this course is definitely given for the beginner for that person. Who’s either never opened Photoshop or maybe is just kind of getting started and looking for that guidance. And so we’re going to start at the very beginning. I do go fast sometimes. So, uh, I’ll go through, and I’ll show you some of the shortcuts and ways that you can become much faster and more proficient with the software. If I go too fast, because it’s a video, you can also rewind it or play it back slower. You can also wind it or play it back slower. You’ll have lifetime access when you join. So that way, you’ll be able to go back and re-watch anything that maybe you get hung up with, or you can even join us in our Facebook group and ask questions and get real live feedback along the way. If you’re, uh, more of an intermediate to advanced user, you’re still going to learn some awesome tips and tricks.

You can playback the videos faster if you want, or skip ahead to the specific sections that you’re interested in. So again, my name is Derek Mitchell. I would love to have you join the course and join us. We have over 120,000 students across some of my other courses as well. And we have an amazing Facebook group at the time of this recording. I think we’re at almost 17,000 people in the group. So you’re definitely going to find, uh, some awesome friends and some people to help you along this journey to become an amazing graphic designer and learn how to use Photoshop in this course. So if that sounds interesting to you, I would love, love, love to have you join.

And I would love to be the guy that gets to teach you out Photoshop and hopefully share some of my love for Photoshop and some of the best tips and tricks that I’ve learned with you. So hopefully we will see you in the course.

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Original Course: Adobe Photoshop CC Bootcamp

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