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Adobe XD Masterclass – UI / UX Design From Scratch


Hey designer, my name’s Alex, and welcome to the Skillshare class on Adobe XD 2021. In this class, we will cover the basic tools of Adobe XD. And I’m going to guide you through my design process and show you all of the main tools and features that Adobe XD has to offer so that you can be a better UI UX designer. I am a design product creator. And so far, I have over 500 products, which I have created.

I’m also a course creator. And so far, I have more than 20 courses, and I have more than 30,000 students enrolled in my courses. And in this Adobe XD free course, you’re going to learn what is Adobe XD, how you can download it and how the updates work Mac versus windows and what is the difference, how the interface works, and all of the key features of interface like shapes, pen tool, text tool, artworks libraries, layers, and plugins.

We are going to explore repeat grid and what it can do for your design, how you can use masks, which are 3d functions in Adobe E X D, how you can use mockups, which are the shortcuts to improve your speed, working with different files and how can you open different files and work with them in Adobe XD?

How can you work with free resources and what is the difference between free and premium resources, and why one is better than the other using UI kit to improve your of workflow, creating a design project and going from creating a design, prototyping, your design, sharing your design with clients and developers exporting your design, creating a design system, creating design tokens, creating a style guide, how to create great presentations and finally, future of design tools. We are going to cover a lot in this free class. So if at any point you want to access the links, a PDF will be provided.

So you can download that PDF, and you can simply click the links and visit whatever I’m talking about in this free course so that you can follow along your class project for this class is to use the tips and techniques and from this course to apply them to your design process. And I would really like for you to create either a one-page website or a single screen for the app using the tips and techniques you learn from this course and to upload them to the class project.

Adobe XD is one of the best tools out there for U Y U X designers. I truly believe that because I’m using it every single day on my YouTube channel, I have created a bunch of these different videos, explaining all about Adobe XD different tools and techniques. So if you want, you can also check that out for now without any further ado. Let’s get started with the course.


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Original Course: Adobe XD Masterclass – UI / UX Design From Scratch

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