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Complete Website Creation Mastery Using WordPress & Elementor


Learning to create a website is important, but learning it the right way is more important. You need to know the three steps website creation framework. Hey, but what is this three steps website creation framework? This course will help you learn everything required to create an awesome website without any coding using WordPress. And Elementor, the website you will create will not just be awesome in design, but they will be super responsive to work properly on all the different types of devices.

This is a system that the top web developers follow in the world. Before I give you a quick overview of the course, let me tell you that this will be a practical course for you. You will be using a free domain name and a free hosting account to create websites all by yourself. And I’m sure that you will be creating some awesome websites.

We will start the course by learning the basic concepts, like a website structure of a webpage. And then, we will learn some important concepts like UI and UX, colour theory, typography, and the page layout settings. After this, you will learn some helpful copywriting and graphic designing concepts. Yes, these are some additional things, but it is an important part of this course.

After this, we will start the three-step website creation process with step number one to discover and understand the market. The second step would be to design the website using the website, designing tools like Figma, Adobe XT, or any other graphic designing tool. Our final step would be to develop the WordPress and Elementor without any coding. I will walk you through the free version of Elementor and the pro version of Elementor.

You will be learning not just developing the webpages, but also how to set up a blog, how to create landing pages and integrate the website with Google tag manager, search console, analytics, chatbots, and other things near the end of the course, I will share some of the most important set of practices like to reduce the load time of the website.

And I will also share how you can start your digital marketing agency, make websites for clients and how much you can charge. So if you are somewhere who wants to master the art of creating websites without any coding using WordPress, and Elementor along with some concepts like copywriting and graphic designing, then this is the course for you. If I make sense to you, I want you to start now. Okay.

Everything is so simple, yet so powerful. You will definitely become a Pro in Website Creation using WordPress & Elementor by the end of this course.

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Original Course Link: Complete Website Creation Mastery Using WordPress & Elementor

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