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Create your own Cryptocurrency & ICO Page with Solidity


Hi everybody. And welcome to this video. In this course, we will create our own cryptocurrency and ICO rep page from scratch before I’m going to show you this main project. I want to give you some general informations about ICO’s real and initial coin offering and short ICO, similar to an initial public offering. Rich investors purchase shares of a company, but an ICO is much, much easier to create. And basically, everyone is able to start an ICO. For example, if you have an excellent business or app idea, then you can simply present your idea on the social media on the Bitcoin forum on red Twitter, et cetera.

Interested investors can contribute to the offering by buying a new cryptocurrency token specified to the ICO. If your idea is good, then you can raise tons of money. I really mean tons of money. Here is a small diagram. So in 2018, we had about 1000 ICOs. They earned in total over 20 billion. That means an average ICO. So just like that, what we will create in this growth from scratch raised about $20 million.

Therefore an ICO is a that moment, the most powerful kickstart for your business or app idea to raise money from investors. So enough about ICOs what we will create here. Exactly. Well, we will create the main project—this ICO webpage with our own Euro C 20 token based on the platform. So we will create this template, which you can easily modify for your project. This ICO contains all the basic stuff like an area for the roadmap, white paper, and the team.

You can contribute to the ICO by buying our own ERC 20 token with real ISA by using meta masks like real ERC, 20 tokens. All of our transactions will be tracked on the blockchain. If you’re interested in this topic, then you can check the following videos there. I will give you more pieces of information about the ICO rep page, what the blockchain is. If you et cetera,

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Note: After downloading, you need to unzip the file. If you have trouble downloading, you can comment below. Stay with Us and Enjoy.

Original Course: Create your own Cryptocurrency & ICO Page with Solidity

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