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Design Trends 2021 and How to Create Them!


I shifted through thousands of projects and websites to search for common themes and trends in 2021. Trends usually develop because of an evolution in technology are new tools and standard software that make it easier to accomplish specific effects or styles. For instance, the frosted glass effects scene lately by using Adobe XD, a program for creating web and mobile app layouts, you can create this effect in just a few seconds. We’ll create our very own frosted glass effects and apply a simple animation to create the project you see here.

Adobe dimensions earlier in 2220 added a type effect feature where you can quickly add 3d type objects. You can change the material and lighting to create some pretty excellent typography that jumps off the screen. And it’s incredibly easy to do this.

We see trends and typography like using condensed typefaces. We are covering some of my favorite easy-to-find condensed type bases so we can create a couple of quick, effective Instagram posts. Lastly, we’ll cover trends in color. We’ll discuss how color is taking over not just one color choice, but really total color coverage on design surfaces. And we’ll talk more about what that means.

We study trends, not just to chase the next cool thing, but to also become relevant as designers who can move forward instead of just standing still. So let’s review some of the design themes and trends. I see moving into the year 2021. Not only that, we’ll create the trends by doing quick, exciting projects for each significant trend. So I’ll see you in the next lesson.

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Original Course: Design Trends 2021 and How to Create Them!

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