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Designing an effective landing page using Adobe XD


Hey guys, welcome to the course. My name is Zachary sun. Thank you for joining the course in this course. We’re going to learn how to design an effective landing page using Adobe XD. Um, the main takeaways that I want you to get from this course are what exactly a landing page is and why it’s so important. Some key things that we’re going to go over are the UX process, the UI design wireframing and mood boarding. I’m currently a user experience design manager for VMware. Um, I’ve been in the industry for nine years now. I started out as a graphic designer. I went to undergrad and got my bachelor’s in graphic design and out my master’s in graphic design.

Should you go to school to get a master’s in graphic design? I don’t know. That might be another course, or it might be a blog post that you might want to read.

Um, I’ve worked for companies like SAP, a Reba, and currently VMware. So this course is for beginners. If you’re a beginner and don’t have any expert and Adobe X, D, or you want to learn more about UX and UI design, this course will be perfect for you. Uh, because we’re going to go over Adobe X, D, and we’re going to learn about the UX process. And then, we’re also going to learn about UI design.

So the skills you’ll be able to take away from this course are understanding of UX UI design. And you’ll be able to take those skills with you to design websites, mobile apps, anything of that.

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Original Course: Designing an effective landing page using Adobe XD

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