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Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn GREAT Design


Do you want to learn all the skills and techniques you need to create incredible designs? Do you want to know the process of how to create logos and branding packages? Are you intimidated by learning Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and end design and want to learn from practical, real-world projects in this class is for you. We will extensively review graphic design theory, including typography, colour and layout theory. You’ll understand the proper type hierarchy and balance to create stunning layouts.

We will review how to crop and edit photos and design, understanding different type styles, how to work with headlines, larger copy, understanding the emotions of colour, how to make colour choices and layouts and blocking to create effective layouts that engage the viewer. We will cover various topics and projects, including photo manipulations, magazines, layouts, branding, and logo design projects. To name a few, we will learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and ending and completing projects with real-world applications.

Every designer needs to know how to master these programs, and this course makes sure you have the essential tools and software to power through and create unique designs in Photoshop. We’ll start with the essential tools, and we’ll even cover photo editing and manipulation techniques like non-destructive editing duotones, liquified tool, the many ways to isolate and cut out objects, layer masks, and the amazing content-aware tool. We’ll work through several projects to practice and fine-tune our newly learned skills, including a full book, cover design and a YouTube thumbnail.

Next, we’ll learn Adobe illustrator from the very beginning with a new interactive way of learning. We will work through a seven-page vector tracing worksheet together and be able to create all of the icons and symbols. You see, here, with our newly learned skills, we will feel very comfortable using the pin tool and other tools to cut out objects, draw complex X illustrations, and even create this detailed graphic.

By the end of the section, we will also dive deep into learning about logo design and what makes a solid logo design, and we’ll even create our own logo and brand package using Adobe illustrator. There are also lessons along the way that show you solid examples and the why and what makes them work next up. We’ll learn Adobe in design, where we learn the basic tools and tricks by creating several mini-projects, including several pages of editorial content, including a full editorial spread.

We will learn master pages, character and paragraph styles and global colour swatches to quickly speed up your work flow and multiple page documents. We will then take our newly learned skills and create a cookbook cover. And several inside recipe spreads to create something professional and compelling. There are tons of extra valuable content in sections in this course and including a section on the most up-to-date design trends.

So you can be knowledgeable about what’s hot in the design world right now. There’s a really great newly added section in this course called finding your design niche. The section walks through a lot of the top design niches, including logo design, editorial design, you C Y design, and a few more by the end of the section, you’ll have confidence in knowing where you fit in the world of design and have faith in knowing where you, your next focus should lie. There are tons of great downloadable resources in this course, including a brand new 11-page guide to using grids, a colour theory sheet, anatomy of type poster, a font pairing guide, and a wonderful graphic design resource PDF that contains all of my favourite free and paid tools, resources, and places to find design inspiration and newly added to the course is the portfolio building template.

After the end design section, you’ll be able to fully cus portfolio template to create fantastic portfolios using a wide variety of effective layouts. This class is dynamic, and new content is added frequently. I have an active community of fellow students that I hold monthly design challenges to continually sharpen your newfound design skills. So I look forward to having you as a student and let together.

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Original Course: Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn GREAT Design

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