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Logo Design Mastery: The Full Course


This strong extensive class trends you in all aspects of logo, design process, including logo, design theory, execution, working with typography, selecting colour palettes, preparing and exporting files, and how to work with Adobe illustrate to create stunning logos. Not only that, but this course teaches you how to work with clients by following several full logo design projects from start to finish. And we talk about what type of questions to ask clients before starting the logo design process.

For the theory section of the course, we dive into the logo design and also review all the different logo design styles while showing stellar examples of each. I go over the characteristics of solid logo designs and walk you through this using actual-world companies. Lastly, we can’t talk about logo design theory without talking about the power of colour as we review the colour psych chart.

The next section is for those needing a crash course, an Adobe illustrator, as we review all of the most used tools we’ll use in the class, including the width shape builder offset path gradient tools, and also using layering mass and more after we’re will work through an entire logo design process from scratch. We’ll learn how to quickly get ideas on paper and turn those rough ideas into real workable designs we can present to our clients. We will walk through each step of the journey as we work on finding those final concepts to explain. And we’ll create a mood board to find our perfect colour matches and finish off our logo with the final touches.

Our next section dives deep into the golden ratio and logo design we’ll create from scratch the golden ratio spiral and create the golden ratio circles. We’ll need to start to adapt our designs to this golden ratio, and we’ll do several practice projects as well. We will then take this logo to the end, including creating variations and sizes. We’ll need to adapt this logo to just about anything. We’ll also create polished designs by learning how to use Photoshop mockups. We’ll then use our downloadable file export guide. That’s supplied in the class to learn how to export and give specific to our clients.

The next section goes over portfolio building basics and several places and steps to find clients and get client referrals. So you could start building and thinking about getting your design business up and running. This course is packed full of downloadable resources, including a client questionnaire, document logo, styles, and categories, cheat sheet, a colour wheel and colour psychology documents, a finding client’s resource guide and a file export guide, a golden ratio, cheat sheet, and a font pairing guide. And so much more. This class is extensive but is gentle and paste well enough for beginners to work through the course.

There are both beginner and intermediate level topics discussed with some advanced topics addressed later on in the course, and this will be for anyone interested in more working through a course that has a deep focus on logo design or any designer who wants to fine-tune their local design and presentation skills. So are you ready to up your logo design game? Let’s get started.

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Original Course: Logo Design Mastery: The Full Course

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