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Microsoft Word 2016 – Word Bootcamp – Zero to Hero Training


Hi there. My name is Dan, and you and I will learn Microsoft word together. Now, this is our project-based course. So we’ll start with our formal business letter. Look at a company newsletter and then move into a longer business report document as well as some fancy pants features with interactive PDFs and videos. Now I’ve made this course for beginners. There is no need to have any previous work experience or graphic design, or desktop publishing experience. Okay, we’ll start the basics but work quickly into the more modern features of Microsoft. You’ll work with images, logos, specific company colours, and you’ll create corporate templates and usable styles, automatically personalizing them. Using mail merge. You’ll learn to make a monthly newsletter with links and videos ready for sharing and commenting. You’ll learn how to take charge of long documents, clean them up and adding for graphics tables and much, much more. There are also downloadable exercise files and a printable cheat sheet you can use.

So, my friend, it is time to go from Microsoft word zero to word hero, and for you to become the best word user in your office, let’s do the course.


It’s not over there. That’s I feel like that’s a good, inspirational way too.

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Original Course: Microsoft Word 2016 – Word Bootcamp – Zero to Hero Training

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