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Step by Step UI and UX design using Adobe XD


Hi friends. My name is Sam Laker, and I’m your trainer for the course step by step UI and UX design using Adobe XD among the My all of the courses, which are for you to study on UI and UX. I consider it my responsibility to ensure that you get the utmost and complete knowledge of the product, Adobe XD, which in turn would help you make a career out of it, live out of it, and make good money from this course. So France, without wasting more time, let us go ahead and see what you’ll be learning in this particular course. In this course, you’ll be studying how to download, install and start Adobe XD.

Then we will study what is the difference between UI designer, UX designer, and product designer. This will help you clearly identify your boundaries. Next, I will also be sharing with you specific and resources, which I would request you to download, and that would help you in the training program. After that, we’ll be studying what we mean by a client brief. I’ll also share with you the sample client brief. Then we will study what the meaning of a persona is? And I will show you one sample persona, a format of it will also be shared with you after we have understood all these things, we will begin with the interface of Adobe XD. So over here, I’ll first show you how to make a low-fi model using pen and paper. After creating the low fidelity model using pen and paper, we will then study how to create the low fidelity version of the same model using an Adobe XD.

And over there, we will take one sample project of a learning management system, and we’ll develop a low fidelity model of the learning management system in a Adobe XD after I’ve shown you how to make a low fidelity model, I will also show you how to make a popup for log in an Adobe XD. Then we will study how to share these low fidelity model wireframes with the clients and get feedback from them. Post is getting the feedback. I will then show you how to create a high-fidelity model of the same project using Adobe LD. All these things which I have shown you till now would be with reference to the website. In the next part, we will then study how to create an app for the mobile. We’ll create a low fidelity model and convert it into a high fidelity model for the mobile. Finally, we will end this by studying a small project.

So I’ll be assigning you a project, and the detailed specification of the project will be shared with you. And that would help you yourself analyze yourself and identify the level of expertise which you have achieved by the end of this particular training. So friends, what are you waiting for? Sign up for this course, and I will see you there.

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Original Course: Step by Step UI and UX design using Adobe XD

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