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The UX/UI Design Process – Creating Wireframes and a Final Design


Walkthrough the entire UX UI design process using Adobe XD learn both user interface and user experience design by following a mobile app design project from start to finish,

We Will first walk through the UX process by learning the basic fundamentals of UX design and developing a wide variety of UX deliverables, including a user persona profile, a user journey map, and finally, a user flow diagram.

Next, we’ll hop into a B X D to create a low fidelity wireframe and finally create a polished design by adding final icons, colors, buttons, and styling in the form of a high fidelity layout. Lastly, we’ll link all of this together to create a working prototype we can use for user testing. Client presentations are just a fantastic starting piece for your new or growing UX UI portfolio. Adobe XD is an excellent go-to choice for aspiring or professional UX UI designers. This easy-to-learn Adobe software will be taught in full detail. Everyone needs to understand the foundations of great UX design and the process behind it. After taking this class, you’ll be able to incorporate both UX and UI ideas into your everyday work projects and even get a glimpse into the UX UI designer’s life. This class is for everyone that includes graphic designers, web developers, anyone interested in finding out more about the UX UI process by a practical, real-world project. So join me for this extensive and fun journey through the entire UX UI process.

So you could start to get excited about this fantastic and rewarding arena of digital design. See you in the class

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Original Course: The UX/UI Design Process – Creating Wireframes and a Final Design

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